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Lambertville’s Roofing Heritage with Tyler Roofing

Lambertville is a city rich in architectural heritage. You can’t walk block without noticing the unique and distinctive style of roofing on many of the buildings here. The credit for much of this goes to Tyler Roofing, a local business that has been serving the community for decades. This article will delve into the history of Tyler Roofing, their contributions to Lambertville, and why their approach stands out.

About Tyler Roofing

Founded in the 1970s, Tyler Roofing has become a household name in Lambertville. With their commitment to preserving the old while embracing the new, they have managed to maintain the city’s architectural charm while ensuring buildings are weather-proof and up-to-date.

Preservation of Lambertville’s Aesthetic

To understand why Tyler Roofing’s work stands out, it’s important to appreciate Lambertville’s unique architectural style. The city is home to numerous 19th-century buildings such as Victorian mansions, Gothic Revival churches, and Greek Revival civic buildings. Preserving the original roof styles on such buildings is no easy feat, but it’s a challenge that Tyler Roofing relishes.

Contribution to the Community

  1. Historical Restoration: Tyler Roofing has been a crucial partner in numerous historical restoration projects in the city.

  2. New Builds: They work with builders to construct new roofing that blends with the old neighborhood styles.

  3. Raising Roofing Standards: They hold themselves to high standards of craftsmanship and quality materials, raising the bar for the entire local industry.

  4. Tyler Roofing Academy: They’ve established an Academy to train future generations of roofers, ensuring the craft’s survival.

Why Choose Tyler Roofing?

There’s a reason why so many Lambertville residents and builders trust Tyler Roofing. From their experienced crew to their understanding and respect for the city’s architectural style, Tyler Roofing offers a uniquely informed and respectful approach to roof work in Lambertville.


What roofing materials does Tyler Roofing use?

Tyler Roofing tends to use materials that match the period of the building, such as slate, clay, and cedar shingles. However, they also offer more modern and durable options when appropriate.

Does Tyler Roofing offer consultations for homeowners?

Yes, they offer consultations and are more than willing to work with homeowners to determine the best solution for their roofing needs.


Lambertville’s distinct architectural charm would not be the same without Tyler Roofing. They continue to balance preservation of the city’s unique heritage with modern roofing techniques, meeting the needs of Lambertville’s residents and ensuring the future of this historically rich city.

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