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Based in New Jersey, Tyler Roofing LLC is a leading roofing company that provides exceptional commercial and residential roof repair and construction services in Hunterdon County NJ, ensuring the highest quality artistry from our skilled experts. We hope you can trust us for all your roofing needs.

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    Roofing Services

    tear off and install
    Tear Off & Install New Roof
    new roof over existing
    New Roof Over Existing Roof
    roof leak repair by tyler roofing llc
    Roof Leaks
    replace gutters and downspouts
    Replace Gutters & Downspouts
    install skylights
    Install Skylights

    Roofing Styles

    Asphalt shingle roofing

    cedar roofing

    Cedar roofing

    slate roofing

    Slate roofing

    copper roof

    Copper roofing

    metal roofing

    Metal roofing

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    Flat roofing


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    Overview of Hunterdon County, NJ

    A Brief History

    Hunterdon County, New Jersey is replete with captivating history. Settled by Europeans in the 17th century, it played a crucial role in various transformative events, from the Revolution to the Industrial Era. The county brims with historic landmarks and structures that are remnants of its glorious past.

    Weather in Hunterdon County, NJ

    The weather in Hunterdon County is characterized by warm, humid summers and cold, snowy winters. The area experiences a significant amount of rainfall throughout the year, with occasional snowfall from December through February. This weather pattern intercepts the maintenance and longevity of various construction works, including roofing systems.

    Fun Facts and Useful Information about Hunterdon County, NJ

    Hunterdon County is known for its tranquil countryside, luscious vineyards, and serene river towns. It is the home of an array of artistic and historic sites such as The Red Mill Museum. Furthermore, it consistently ranks as one of the wealthiest counties in the US. The knowledge of local weather patterns, historical nuances, and building constraints in the county can immensely aid a roofing professional deliver the most durable and compliant services.

    Why Choose Tyler Roofing LLC in Hunterdon County, NJ?

    Selecting the Ideal Expert

    Opting for a roofing expert demands due diligence. A blend of local reputation, legal compliance, and up-to-date certification is necessary to ensure the project’s success.

    Community Standing

    A desirable roofing company should have built a trustworthy reputation in the community, backed by rave reviews and visible customer satisfaction.

    Legal Requirements and Certification

    A good roofing service needs to possess all mandatory licenses and insurance, and have a current certification. Thereby, not only complying with the New Jersey state regulations, but also upholding the industry’s latest standards and practices.

    Expertise and Customer Satisfaction

    Highly skilled personnel and strong dedication towards customer satisfaction are unmistakable characteristics of a trusty roofer.

    Transparent Estimations and Warranty Coverage

    A desirable contractor should provide a detailed and transparent estimate, along with comprehensive warranty coverage to safeguard your investment.

    Local Proficiency

    Choosing a contractor familiar with local building codes, weather challenge, and architectural aesthetics of New Jersey can provide you with invaluable expertise.

    Navigating the Job

    Choosing the Right Contractor

    To pick the right roofing company, verify their job history, scope of residential and commercial services, certification, and customer reviews.

    Roof Damage and Repairs

    Timely and professional reparations of any roof damage can greatly extend the lifespan of your roofing system.

    Gutters and Windows Services

    Tyler Roofing LLC also extends services to gutter installation and windows, enhancing the durability and functionality of your building.

    Long-Term Success Strategies

    Comprehensive roof maintenance, periodic inspections, and proactive repairs are all part of the strategies used by Tyler Roofing LLC to ensure the longevity and aesthetics of your roofing system.

    Choosing Tyler Roofing LLC for your roofing project in Hunterdon County NJ and its surrounding areas will provide you with the quality, professional service, and peace of mind you deserve.

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