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Get A New Roof Installed Over An Existing Roof In New Jersey!

\Some NJ homeowners need to remove their old roof before installing a new one, but there are times when it could make good sense to install a new roof over your existing one. This is a cost-effective way to re-roof your house, but it’s also quick and requires minimal clean-up. However, not all homes are suitable for this type of re-roofing. Working with a skilled roofing contractor is crucial to determine if this is a viable option for your home.

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    Is Your House a Good Candidate for a Reroof Overlay?

    If your house is less than 25 years old and the existing shingles are smooth and in reasonably good condition, you might be a good candidate for a roof overlay. In New Jersey, you can add up to two total roof layers. It’s essential to proceed with this roof installation only if your contractor recommends it. Another critical factor is whether or not the home has adequate ventilation, as inadequate ventilation could lead to plywood damage.

    A skilled roofing contractor can assess whether your roof is suitable for an overlay. A well-executed roof overlay will be smooth, and the previous layer of shingles should be virtually undetectable. Feel free to ask us for two separate quotes—one for a roof overlay and the other for tearing off your old roof and installing a new one. This way, you can make decisions based on all your options. We can also assist with skylight installation and replacing gutters and downspouts.

    Choosing the Right Roofing Contractor

    Not all roofing contractors are the same. Some might tell you what you want to hear rather than the truth. Others may suggest you need more extensive repairs than necessary. At Tyler Roofing, LLC, our reputation is of utmost importance. We provide honest advice, a written quote, proof of licensure and insurance, and our certifications as a GAF Certified contractor, a CertainTeed Master Shingle Applicator, and an Owens Corning Preferred Contractor. Your roofing job will be scheduled; payment is not required until completion.

    We believe in quality artistry and treat your home as our own. When we finish the job, we also thoroughly inspect our work to ensure everything is done correctly. Contact us today for a free assessment and quote to find out if installing a new roof over your existing roof is a good option for you.

    Roofing Term of the Day: Roof Inspection

    A roof inspection involves professionals examining your roof to determine whether it needs repairs or replacement, what sort of repairs are required, whether it has adequate ventilation, and what the associated costs might be.

    Today’s Question Answered by Tyler Roofing, LLC:

    How do I obtain a roof inspection?

    Some roofing contractors charge for a roof inspection, which can help you assess the need for work and explore potential options and costs. Tyler Roofing, LLC offers free roof inspections to potential customers. Whether you need work now or in the future, we will thoroughly examine your shingles, chimneys, gutters, and other roof areas to determine if work is necessary.

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