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Mercer County, NJ: Don’t miss the Grounds For Sculpture in Hamilton or the New Jersey State House in Trenton

Mercer County, New Jersey, is a hub of culture and history, boasting attractions like the Grounds For Sculpture in Hamilton and the New Jersey State House in Trenton. Each offers a unique perspective on the region’s artistic and political heritage.

Exploring Grounds For Sculpture

Grounds For Sculpture is a 42-acre park and museum that features:

  • Sculpture Exhibits: Wander through an impressive collection of contemporary sculptures in beautifully landscaped gardens.
  • Artistic Programs: Participate in workshops, tours, and special events celebrating the arts.
  • Dining Options: Enjoy a meal at Rat’s Restaurant, known for its French-inspired cuisine and picturesque setting.

Visiting the New Jersey State House

The New Jersey State House is a historic landmark, offering:

  • Guided Tours: Learn about the building’s architecture and the legislative process.
  • Historic Artifacts: Discover the rich history of New Jersey through various exhibits and displays.
  • Public Access: Attend legislative sessions and see democracy in action.


  1. Is there an admission fee for Grounds For Sculpture? Yes, there is an admission fee, which helps maintain the park and its programs.
  2. Can I take a tour of the New Jersey State House? Yes, free guided tours are available, but booking in advance is recommended.
  3. Are there any dining options at the New Jersey State House? While there are no dining facilities within the State House, several restaurants and cafes are nearby in downtown Trenton.


Mercer County, NJ, is a destination rich in artistic and historical experiences. Whether you’re immersing yourself in the artistic oasis of Grounds For Sculpture or exploring the historic corridors of the New Jersey State House, there’s something to inspire and educate every visitor.

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