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Lambertville Roofing Tales by Tyler Roofing

Known for its solid and practical structures, Lambertville has a rich architectural legacy that spans centuries. Rooted in this history, Tyler Roofing has been contributing to the city’s silhouette for over three decades. Through this period, we’ve got the chance to work in variety of homes, old and new, understanding distinct roofing necessities. This article narrates some of our memorable Lambertville roofing tales.

From nearly a ruin to a rustic charm

One of our most rewarding experiences was when we were called to restore the roof of a 19th century farmhouse. It was nearly in ruin state. We had to restore the structure, while maintaining its rustic charm and historic integrity. It was quite a challenge but we successfully preserved the antique charm of the house with a solid and secure new roof.

Weathering the great storm

In the wake of a particularly devastating storm, we received numerous calls for help. Many homes had been damaged with crumbling roofs and leakages. Our team worked tirelessly, prioritizing safety and security of the residences. It was a strenuous task but the gratitude of the local community made it all worth it.

The modern and the millennial

We’ve had the chance to work on some cutting-edge designs too. A particularly memorable stint was when were contracted to Install a rooftop solar panel system in a newly constructed millennial home. We ensured it was as aesthetically pleasing as it was functional, reflecting the needs of a sustainable future.


  1. What roofing materials does Tyler Roofing recommend for Lambertville homes?
    We base our recommendations on a home’s architectural style, age, and the homeowner’s preferences and budget. In general, asphalt shingles, metal roofs, and slate are quite popular.

  2. Can Tyler Roofing handle emergency roofing issues?
    Yes, we can. We have a team dedicated to handling emergency calls, so you can count on us during any type of roofing crisis.

  3. Does Tyler Roofing offer insulation and ventilation services?
    Indeed, we do. Roofing is just one part of maintaining a secure and comfortable home. We provide solutions related to insulation and ventilation to ensure your home’s overall efficiency and comfort.


These tales of Tyler Roofing in Lambertville speak volumes about our dedication and commitment to the community’s roofing needs. Whether it’s a historic restoration, weather damage repair or modern installations, we handle it all with precision and professionalism. With Tyler Roofing by your side, your home is always in safe, reliable hands.