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Hillsborough Roofing Tales by Tyler Roofing

In the quaint town of Hillsborough, Tyler Roofing has been a trusted name for generations. Built upon a dedication to superior craftsmanship and a commitment to customer satisfaction, these are the tales of longevity and premium service in the roofing industry.

A Chronicle of Quality

At Tyler Roofing, we believe that the roof serves as a bulwark against the elements, a protector of homes, and a testament to the architecture’s beauty. Hence, our mission is uncompromising quality – a thread running through each of our Hillsborough roofing tales.

The Tale of the Terracotta Triumph

Consider the Smith family home in 1958, with the roof worn down by years of weather and age. Tyler Roofing transformed it with durable, beautiful terracotta tiles. The result? A resilient roof that captivates with its rustic charm even today.

The Saga of the Seamless Skylight

In 1987, the Johnsons wished for natural light to illuminate their art studio. Tyler Roofing installed a seamless skylight into their existing roof, creating a cheerful and inspiring ambiance. The skylight remains a testament to our skill and the Johnsons’ creative spirit.

Legacy of Loyalty

In our tales, a recurring theme is our enduring relationships with customers. Our team, always ready to go above and beyond, fosters loyalty that spans generations.

The Nolan Family Narrative

The Nolans, first-time homeowners in 1972, were anxious about roof installation. We held their hand every step of the way, from choosing materials to post-installation care. Over the years, we have tended to their roof, ensuring it always remains in pristine condition. They are but one example of our lasting relationships.

Lessons in Innovation

Though we cherish our history, we are far from static. Our stories show our ambition to continually expand our skills and lead the roofing industry into the future.

Our Green Endeavor

Understanding the modern demand for sustainable solutions, we were among the first in Hillsborough to offer green roofing options. The Watson family’s 2010 eco-friendly roof, with solar panels and recyclable materials, underlines our approach.


Proud of our heritage and excited about the future, we carry on our good work at Tyler Roofing, driven by our commitment to quality, customer loyalty, and innovation. We invite you to become part of our next chapter.


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