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Frenchtown’s Roofing Milestones with Tyler Roofing

Frenchtown, a charming community known for its distinctive architecture and historic buildings, represents a rich tapestry of roofing traditions. Among the local businesses that contribute heavily to maintaining these picturesque aesthetics is Tyler Roofing. The company has been a crucial part of Frenchtown’s architectural story, providing exceptional roofing services. This article highlights some of the key milestones the company has achieved over the years to cement its place as the top roofing company in Frenchtown.

A Brief History of Tyler Roofing

Tyler Roofing was established in 1978, initially providing basic roofing repairs. However, it quickly earned a reputation for quality results, expanding its array of services to include roof installations, replacements, and comprehensive maintenance plans.

Launching the Energy-Efficient Roofing Solutions

In 1990, Tyler Roofing introduced Energy-Efficient Roofing Solutions to the Frenchtown community. This initiative was meant to tackle the growing concerns about energy conservation and utility costs. Their energy-efficient roofs helped many homeowners save on energy bills by reducing heat absorption and maintaining appropriate home temperatures. Through this initiative, Tyler Roofing showcased its adaptability to market trends and commitment to sustainable practices.

Advancements in Materials and Techniques

With the dawn of the new millennium, Tyler Roofing embraced innovative roofing materials and techniques. The company began to offer slate and metal roofing options, in addition to the traditional asphalt shingles, thereby catering to a broader range of customer preferences and needs.

Winning the “Excellence in Roofing” Award

In 2019, Tyler Roofing received recognition from the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) in the form of the “Excellence in Roofing” award. This prestigious award was a testament to the company’s consistent high-quality service and its contribution to raising the industry standard.

Current Innovations and Future Plans

Sound technological incorporation is part of Tyler Roofing’s current milestones, with the company now offering drone-assisted roof inspections and advanced data solutions for enhanced service delivery. Future plans involve strengthening their move towards sustainable roofing solutions and continuing to deliver top-notch customer service.


  1. What types of roofing does Tyler Roofing offer?

    Tyler Roofing offers a range of options, including asphalt shingles, slate, and metal roofing.

  2. Why should I choose energy-efficient roofing?

    Energy-efficient roofing can help reduce utility costs by minimizing heat absorption and maintaining optimal home temperatures. It’s also a more environmentally friendly choice.

  3. How does the drone-assisted roof inspection work?

    It involves using drones to capture high-resolution images and video of a roof, revealing potential damage or issues that may not be visible from the ground.


Over four decades, Tyler Roofing has shown unwavering dedication towards maintaining and enhancing Frenchtown’s architectural beauty and integrity. From small-scale repairs to state-of-the-art roofing solutions, it shows no signs of slowing down in its quest to provide superior roofing services.