Tyler Roofing LLC

Bernards Roofing: Tyler Roofing’s Pledge to Excellence

Voted as one of the best contractors in the region, Bernards Roofing has upheld its benchmark as a symbol of quality, reliability and integrity in Tyler Roofing industry. With its agile team of skilled workmen, state-of-art technology and commitment towards its customers, Bernards Roofing has woven a tale of success that’s revered by all.

A Culture of Excellence at Bernards Roofing

Bernards Roofing has a rich heritage of entrusting roofing solutions that are robust, reliable and cost-effective. Our team is always working towards executing exceptional services and maintaining the utmost standard.

Our Valued Services

From leak detection, repair works, and replacement, to new installations, our basket of services is diverse catering to a broad array of needs.

  1. Leak Detection and Repair Work
  2. Roof Replacement
  3. New Installations

The People Behind the Success

Our dedicated and competent team has a shared mission: to assure every project is delivered with the finest quality and exceptional customer service.

Our Expertise

With years of experience and professional training, our team lends expertise in various roofing architectures and materials for tailoring solutions that fit your needs and budget.

State-of-the Art Technology

By leveraging cutting-edge technology, we ensure that our craftsmanship is unparalleled. Our team is always adapting to the latest roofing designs and solutions.

Bernards Roofing’s commitment to Sustainability

Environmentally-friendly practices are at the heart of our business operations. We ensure that our roofing solutions are sustainable and use eco-friendly materials whenever possible.

Frequently Asked Questions about Bernards Roofing

What kind of roofs do Bernards Roofing specializes in?

We specialize in both residential and commercial roofing installation, repair and maintenance.

Does Bernards Roofing provide a warranty on their service?

Yes, we provide a full warranty, honoring our commitment to quality and ensuring customer’s peace of mind.

What is the average cost of a new roof installation?

The cost of a roof installation can vary based on various factors such as size, material and design. We provide a free onsite estimate before starting any project.


Bernards Roofing continues to uphold its commitment to excellence, creating a new benchmark in the Tyler roofing industry. The team’s dedication, expertise and adoption of cutting-edge technology are the pillars of success that position Bernards Roofing among the best in the business.